Da Pollini

wut do u think of tiz peniz???

is he as accurate/good as his mentor, Da Mickey?

Actually Carlo Vidusso (fantastic pianist) was his main teacher.


hahahahah fuckkckckck…

sry my bad self did not know…

but didnt da mickey somewhat teach da poll too?

Perhaps, however, I don’t think ABM was very interested in teaching. I once discussed this with someone who actually had lessons with him, and she pretty said the only reason he taught her was to have a decent ping-pong player in the vicinity.


dayum, da disrespect to da studentz, tru

tha zeniorcitizen POLLEN hilariouzly haff tha faztezt te10…zo rezpec 8)

alzo hiz CHOPzon 2 from tha chopcomp CD iz mo than a bit wikid

but not quite :gav: level

one of the mozt interesting pianists ever … no change to that !

Strange case of a pianist who peaked when he was 18.


haha your siggy is genzui, thrac

are there any pre DG recordigns of Pollini? His chop 2nd sonata from the chopin comp is indeed better than his later studio recordigs. But what on earth did he do inthe 60s? âre there no recordings of him from that period exept the one on emi?


he iz a bit clinical, rather sheeyat when not playin’ Booze Lez

but ah have enjoyed his :brotha: interps on occasion

I saw da Poll live in January and he did virtually nothing for me. It was all Chopin including 9 nocturnes (a bit too much!). It was all right and accurate, but I didn’t like it.

I heard a story about da ABM - there was an Australian penist who was meant to play for mickey. He rocked up at the lesson and mickey said you have prepared da wrong Beet sonata - come back tomorrow with the right one! so da penist spent da whole night learning this other Beet sonata, came back to the lesson da next day to find out da Mickey had flown to Zurich! :smiling_imp:

ahahah wut da machine really meant wuz:

‘i dun noe diz one’ 8)

hahaha fuck he wuz a tru mofo :laughing:

da ABM evidently taught da wrong ztudent.


ahhahha KOJI…

do u know tha TURNIP>>>???

n if not znd me a mezzag n i vil zet up a a pingpong sheeyz beween u mofoz tru

he iz quite tha mofo fo uckni sho!

His recent chopin nocturnes are surprizingly gud tho imo

I saw Pollini too, and though his voicing was descent, his lack of power bothered me

HOWEVER, his ballade interpretations are easily my favorite.

that’s the one thing he did that i’m really into

his ballade sound crap to me
lack of power?? u mean in general?