Da (possibly epic) reface thread

Da Rach69 DL reface and UL yo shit.

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is that Pigo?

Tiz da rach himself.

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damn, I didn’t realize how similar they look

Toke eyes for sure.

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I guess white mofos all start to look the same to moi

You should download this app and post. I lack imagination with it but it works really well.

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Change da :wim: face to a :snail: face

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I’m too busy with da SCRIB 5 & 6 n texting da :hui: for 40 mins a day

Ahh these are finer pursuits but dun forget to give da Kat boobz when clear.

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can I juz submit my requests to you?


Yes but I will be lazy as fuck. Randomly, learning about ways of dealing with procrastination. This article mention da Victor Hugo method - which seem tru approved.

The Akrasia Effect: Why We Don’t Follow Through on Things (jamesclear.com)

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