Da problem with :nigga:

Hez so popular now that hez actually more underrated and mizunderztood than evah

Like if you look at piecez like Waldztein and Moonlight they iz zo “ztandard” that itz too eazy to forget that they completely changed the zoundzcape of piano

Like diz ztuff waz da Concord Sonata of da time but everyone treating it like itz Einaudi

And I noticed zomething else—if you look up a zlightly lezz popular :nigga: zonata like Hammerklavier you guaranteed a decent performance in da firzt few recz

But if you look up Moonlight Zonata on da tube you have to sift through so much complete shit before you find a halfway serviceable rec—for me, it waz Kempff and that was quite a wayz down

Beethoven has been degeneratized

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I disagree. You have to wade through a bunch of irrelevant finger moving, over pedalled bullshit before getting a great rec like Kentner, Richter or Gilels.

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Well for me the first recz that came up were Wang, Lisitsa, Barenboim, and Levit.

I like Levit so pretty glad to see him