da rectum's abilities r questioned


and da legend sets dem str8 8)

da video seems to be sped up


ignorance is bliss



Yeah, but it’s not, after all, impossible to say though.

soon all diz will prove irrelevant. 8)

hahaha, dis is disrespecful to da rectum

It’s just like saying Horowitz’s op.25, no.10 in “The art of piano” is sped up. Many people think that footage is sped up, but me think it’s kinda hard to draw a conclusion.

non of those footages were sped up. they were original

u shud understand, ma nigga, that jerkin off is a good thing


hahahaha, how fast were da HO’s octs?

Seriously, Hamelin + Ziff = horowtiz’s op.25, no.10

That’s why I wonder is it sped up or not.

i’m guessing it is sped up, it was maybe recorded in lower fps of back then, and then played off in da fps of today, which are higher, resulting in a higher speed.

but still, he jerked off too many times 8)

and if da rectum is sped up, how do u explain da sound?

But judging from 2 other versions that he recorded in CDs, he played each version nearly 2 mins.

There’s a huge gap, whether or not, he really played that fast. 30 secs are quite a huge difference for a piece under 2 mins in lenght.

Dis iz bullsheeyat
people who says it’s a fake are just jealous.
da vid makes dem aware dat dey are SHEEEEEEEEYAT and dey just don’t want to admit it

dats rite krittyot 8)

Only a mofo wit tru confidence in hiz own SD abilitiez can unleash a blatant reply like dis. mucho RESPEC to da kmart.


nothin’ is certain in this world.


hazhahahahaha, dis convo is genius

Da Rectum 4 Chop’s scherzi(1 CD) just sold on ebay for 100 USDs excluding 5 dollars shipping.

It’s even more expensive than the WTCs, each CD costs 50 dollars.

Dere iz around 50-100 (live, studio, pirated) recording of da Rectum’z 10/4. Sum of dese r from hiz old age when da tech haz deteriorated. One rec from da ‘BBC Legendz’ disc however, documentz a live 10/4 in 1’36. (search it on towerz to hear da sample) Diz showz dat at hiz prime, da Rectum waz fit to attempt such speedz. 8)

Sheeyat !