Da Richter Scrib Transfer and Restore Beginneth

After figuring out how to do thing using Scarlatti Ho. Will begin this gem.


hahaha fuckkkkkkkkkk
tha only rectum zixth zcribzon recz iv heard zound very duzty n far away zo hopefully yo reztor vil be a zuccezz :rectum: :record_button:


We’ll see!

Disc looks ok… I’m excited.


This HOF 531 is a an early “stereofied” version of a shitty mono recording. These early attemps caused all sorts of weird phase issues but also potentially a redundant mono track to check errors against. Stay tuned…

OG recording sounds bootleggy but maybe get something cool after noodling on it.

Woh original recording material had some odd banded interference too. Taking that out will help. The needle drop is before the graph vinyl sounds nice minus pops but the recording itself a bit shit.

Will get a sample up of 6th…

This is a MUUUUUCH better interp than I realized. He mostly murmers through tensely and then does this insane cheetah growl thunder strike outbursts that maybe had the recording guy change his diaper after.


Have they taken the mono and put it into two “different” l/r tracks and moved one track by eg 10-25s?

Sounds like it… also there is some problems on the left channel. The Richter insane FFF groove was ripped right off by playback or pressed badly. Right channel good though can patch in or depending on whether they refed into corresponding channel to “stereoify” can mirror and channel align right for left…

This going to be some work but the source is def better than what is out there if still a bit shit.

Holy FUCK the audience audibly laughs during the Scriabin 6! At least it sounde like it. (chick laugh later in after this clip, what a cunt)

Here with nothing but initial transfer. Recording itself lots of noise the vinyl aside from clipped left is pretty dang good.


Here is the better of the ones I know about. The one from origins of richter or whatever is HORRID.

If one channel is messed up and it was only ever mono, just delete it and duplicate the ok channel in Audacity, you can then “fake stereo” it in the above manner, or probably better, use a fake stereo plugin on the full track. I’ve got a free one for Audacity but can’t remember the name offhand.

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Ok here is the finished Scriabin 6th complete with laughter from a group of cunts at 2:20.

@Rob @Dr.TM Internet say this 1955 is this right? The LP curiously sketch on dates and places.


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hahahaha mazz rezpec! :icon_stopw_sdc_473:
vil check thiz out zhortly :rectum:

This perf a bit of a duet between piano and coughs.

So interesting… listening close this is a recording of a recording of a recording. Looking through the etudes were first published on album below. The 6th appears in various incarnations to flesh out the album maybe in early 1960s.

I lost my mind and bought the original. Its my first non budget record. FUCK! beginning of end.

Ugh cancelled it. This insane price too insane.