da ROCK admitz defeat - OVATOOK BY 2 LEGENDZ

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‘‘Rachmaninov said that he only knew 2 players that could play technically better then him (in terms of speed mostly) and that was Simon Barere and Josef Hoffman.’’


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA notice da (predicktable?) absence of da HO. da ROCK evidently dun respec inzane octz.

n ofcuz, da BARRIZTAH ownz all 8)

HAHAHA highly notable!, cuz diz iz wut da HOFz strenght wuz too, raw finga tech, not octz

but bear in mind when diz statement wuz made, da ROCK didnt meet da HO until da late 20z o sum sheeyat

hahahaha fuck! diz topic

Just listen to Ashkenazy’s Mephisto Waltz, or Rhapsody on a theme by Pagannini
He schooled everyone who played both of those.

I don´t think Askenazy could match Pollini in terms of playing clean at high tempos.


I officially send Agent Zepp to clear dat up

hahahahaha t shall be done

FUCK i iz banned 8)

haha 8)


dey think i moved to NZ n randomly started poztin in yo houze 8)

dat is tru

Diz iz a common misconception, I haff listened to da Alco play very fast and furious octz. But yeah hiz fingahz own all esp da clarity, effortlessness and speed of hiz scalez and arpz.

da HOFF iz juzt a bit sheeyat compared to da RAW GENSUI of da BAR 8)

mazz deb

In fact I would go so far as to say:


Rachmaninov is the da best played ever. Noone can be better then him ever.

again, mazz deb




hahahah yep yep