da ROCk first or second


  • 1st one OWNZ da overplayed p.o.s.
  • nah the second iz bein’ worshipped for a reason :sunglasses:

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dicuz :comme:

hahaha, y shud i ansa to a mofo hu wudnt fuck her, even if she begged

the 2nd, only under the circumstances that it’s being played by Horowitz live when he was at his peak of career.

Or Hamelni’s version is ok too.

And yes “I would hit her.”

hahahaha, jeff haz sum sense

da DOCz live vid iz fuckin WIKID

i agree da HO iz bettah, but da DOC iz da bezt PG version FO HSOR

Simply to build upon the SMD:


simply to build upon da erection :