Da Rocky

Da rabbit is pulled outta the hat: youtu.be/L3Xp2Djqh3s


Yep. For whatever reason this went in to the Meloclassic thread: dasdc.net/forum/viewtopic.ph … &start=175

Playing sounds good me thinks. I’m looking forward to this!

I’ve been listening to Rachmaninoff all day. Just finished the schumann-tausig kontrabandiste. Randomly, YW outplays him in that one.

Yeah Hough is great too, if a bit with Levit’s secret slam tech

n den derez da SHUYRA :mrgreen:

I think my favourite version is the Hofmann roll. I don’t usually like rolls, but I love that one and his Mendelssohn Andante and Rondo Capriccioso.

True, very impressive. Heard her play it live too.

That one’s not very good though IMO. Carnegie or Paris - she needs an audience.

Not a fan of her at all, btw

You prefer the hunchbunch. Your taste in living pianists is as bad as your taste in Asians. 8)

Great mechanics though, just fabulous.
And accuracy and stability.

I like Trif…

Has he played it?

Where’s kreso when we need him?

YW has a better tech, and she doesn’t make me hate piano.
I’ll never attend his concerts again after the stunt he pulled with the funeral march.

Tru? I gotta hear dat one again, I vaguely remember it was FULL-POGO 8)

It certainly felt like it.


ahahahahahah dat zhoe-tauzig contra bandit iz hilariouzly

a hard zong requirin a relaxed light touch

a mofo lyk da WHALE wud be completely ZHEEYAT in diz tru :sunglasses: