Da rod fucks hiz math exam up 8)

dats rite

it waz fuckin hard

GCSE mock exam

it was a bad mofo

even ma bad self’s huge girth couldn’t surpass it

i think we shud invite da writer of dat test

he seems to be wickid


Haha, rite. I’m sheeyat at math too, so respec. 8)



maths shud be banned



it appeaz da finnish r like da americanz, and da persian mofoz r like da britz

da brits say maths

americanz skip da S


datz rite

perhaps da britz got it from us


pozzibly 8)

how da fuck is it possible to fuck up a math exam?
I dun understand 8)

hahahahahahhaahhaha, dayum

I got A on mah maths exam 8)

And cause i am a TROOO sdc mofo, i did it a year early 8)


hahahaha DAYUM

rod, i respec yo random genius - but puttin dis topic in da reviewz forum iz a nu level of genius

i got paid fo sitting a mathz exam


da sad sheeyat iz dat da mathz only gets harder when u iz in da uni. :confused: 8)

hahahahha, like da cock

i waz reviewing da art of fuckin math examz up


What da fuck wit dis sig?

i iz unleashin ma tru nature


hahahahaha, datyum

I’m sheeyat at maths only bcuz I don’t devote enough time to studying. I spend the time on the forums instead. 8)

hahahaha, respec 4 dat

and respec fo lookin like a girl

and respec fo havin a pig shaped like a dick

Asian pride >>>> full score in math, always.