da 24 August 2004 is a date dat should stay in da SDC archives forevah !
Dis day, Da Roque d’anthéron festival organized a TRUE FULL SCALE SHOCK TACTIC !!

da audience came to see helene grimaud…
but da audience was SHOCKED!
in place of da moisture of da french chix da audience had to taste da girth of a true Russian mofo: Boris Da Sperminator !!!
HAHAHAHAHAHA ! Da story behin dis :
Da spoiled chix canceled her concert at da last minute which was a pain in da ass fo da organizers cuz dey had mobilized a full orchestra for dis biatch…

by chance… Da sperminator was hereabout for his solo recital (da one we heard at da radio) and he was like: “wtf wit dis chix man ?? dere iz no fuckin prob! fuck dis biatch ! I can play da Rach2 ON THE SPOT!!!”
da organizers was slightly worried…but dey accepted…
da sperm whale was like “ok den… dey are going to fuckin remembah dis sheeyat…”
of course… he lived up to his legendary SDC title and unleashed all his FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY on a speechless audience!
Da organizers were stunned: da Roque website says dat interpretation has reached da perfection and qualifies dat concert as da MAIN event of da entire festival!!
da whale received an endless acclamation from da audience…

HAHA Man! If dey don’t make a dvd of dis sheeyat I’m gonna personally kick deir fuckin ass !


Wit half da TE records held securely between his nuts, da Sperm Whale hath da rite to be an arrogant oedipus. On de otha hand, i didnt hear any recent reports of flooding in France, so perhaps he waznt QUITE on peak form, i presume. 8)

Helene was having orgy-party with her wolves.



da fuckin spermy is da king of random unleashin

on da recitahl we herd it was goin sheeyat till he spotted a hot chick in da audience den his legendary sperm hole became engaged

he didnt just unleash da usual sweat dat night 8)

actually da Roque didn’t admit da wolf so da eve, she had dis “party” wit da penis who were sharing her hotel : Da Lugy, Da Shrimp, Da Volodick, and da Berez himself…
which explains her “indisposition” aftah dis night 8)

:exclamation: :arrow_right: 8)