Da Rouzzeau called out for alleged fakery

Most of what he says seems logical. I never paid attention to the speed with which Rousseau and the others remove their hands from the keys during a perf.

I’m guessing it’s easier to manipulate the sound coming from a digital piano. Digi’s don’t have the same acoustic properties as an actual 88. It’s easier to pedal cleanly, etc.


da fatty take away…

How do I speed up my videos?



Dats right, fewer artifacts when changing playback speed.

Damn, one day I’ll be able to play Da Op 111 slow enough :dong:

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Not only that, you can edit the recorded midi to clean up pedalling, wrong notes and split notes, even tidy up rhythmic inaccuracies and then just export it out and overlay on the video. It’s almost impossible to spot that sort of editing especially if the video and sound were speeder up slightly.


da @mikey rec’d zum rouzzeau vidz
pozz can tell da procezz
or pozz zigned zum NDA