Da Rubinztein comp invite-only cunteztantz announced

Luckily I did not apply, dis an invite-only comp, resume only - no prescreening.

Da level of diz comp has generally been pretty good, except for the year dat da POON got invited.

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That the whalette?


Truuu. And my fav JAV lookalike from da PAD comp.




Dats da MAINE LOBSTER Jyard mofo dat changed his name after dat random scandal

Dats one of the star contestants. Rezpek most of these mofos, dey haff a gud competition track-record.

I applied dere in 2016. Got a cliburn invite but did not get in to diz. No rec was needed, just resume :dong:

17 Asians
11 Slavs
8 West Europeans
3 Middle East
2 US

…which doesn’t add up, so I’ve messed up somewhere, but roughly.

Clear trend :zepp:


These mofos are all from top conservatories.
Gud luck to any mofo who has no cash or sponsor to get into a good school with a connected teacher. :sunglasses:

I was hoping to see Poon or Fei Fei on dis edition but I guess I’ll have to settle for da Yun Chih

My fave chick from da PAD COMP stream. Plays solid too. Very well prepared.

Damn da :hui: better not find dis topic.

Ok, let moi cover myself. “Dat chick is UGLY n plays bad”

Ok. :sunglasses:

Why would you hope to see Poon…?

Nice eye candy.

She did the previous edition, pretty much making the comp invite system questionable

I would have liked to see more of the Tchaikovsky contestants.

The majority of the names here however, I’ve never heard.


I have a long story about this comp and the venom a particular… teacher (I’ll be nice) spouted at moi when I asked him for a letter of rec for this comp, but it’s still a sensitive sheeyat - need to graduate ma school first.

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Ahahah diz hily imprezzive, cuntzidahrin

middle eaztern peniztz, if deir limbz r ztill intact

zhud all be deaf az a :nigga: by now :us: :airplane: :bomb: :sunglasses:


Ah but these are the :point_up::trump: approved middle easterners :israel:



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Ahahahah tru :sunglasses:

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Holy fuckk

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Definitely da only place on da internet I kan even imagine dat being allowed

Dang @da_zepp!!



Da Kasheeyatsky used to be an influential player in dis comp until she pulled through one of her Jyard mofos into da finals. (She no longer judges diz or da cliburn, now mostly makes a Killing judging Chinese comps :dong: )

He was pretty good except he made a big cut in da PIMP DJ which caused a mild controversy.