da SDC approved concert attire



ok a reinztatement of da TRUGOD title iz in ordah pozz 8)

AHAHAH alzo note:

GENSUI UNLEAZH followed by

zmooth fake-rudy recovahry at 46’41 8)

what a fucking legend.

I iz eternally grateful for his generous donation to my Pimp Comp Trip fundraisah

:god: :god: :god: :god:

Dis guy fails yet again 2 imrpezz me, xept mby fo his ocular attire.

there ya go

ahahahahah mannnnnn

i think diz iz a caze where

hiz 88 teachah bazically KILLED hiz RAW-RAPE inztinctz in favah of da mo ‘profound’ approach

derez remnantz of hiz old SDC ztylee in diz bezhaded outdoor unleazh tru

mannnnn diz legend uzed to haff zepp-level PURE RAPE INZTINCTZ, but wiz a much mo natural mechanizm which rezulted in a mo pleazant zound n lezz ACTUAL rape, a wikid enuff combination dat he wuz actually able to win compz wiz diz approach, REZPEC 8)

2005 chop comp was his peak, after that I almost forgot about him.

he is a fine pianist, cool dude, AND he gave moi $100

what’s not to like?

He didn’t give me $100.

thanks for da $50 Brew, I really appreciate it btw. Did you get my thank u message?

btw this means that I can call you 'daddy" now.

no homo tho 8)

I’ll give you another 50 to never call me that again.

I’ll take the 50 ziffro wire transfer

Wait, he gave u 100 bucks? No fucking way?!?
Guy certainly has tech at times, tho he also plays sloppy uninteresting nocturnes, so, yeah, still not convinced.

Check da donor list here:
gofundme.com/flight-tickets … ompetition

Daym, guess he’s loaded.

Very generous mofo tru. Rezpek!


I think I can donate in exchange for a tasteful solo spank vid.



That sounds good.