Da SDC initiate firzt cuntact wiz da WIMOFO

TRU da SDC in prepartion to zend a zmall envoy to da tube headquartahz of da WIMOFO

fo u privileged mofoz who haff been zelected to go on diz threacherouz journey

u iz reprezentin da SDC, treat diz az a diplomadick mizzion of grave importance, be polite wiz yo enemy n conduckt yozelvz wiz REZPEC :sunglasses:

tru bazically everyone juz feel free to PM diz mofo or cumment on hiz tube vidz :sunglasses:


Da NOZTRADACOMME premonition ov da WIMOFO next vid -



HAHAHA fuckkkkkkk :sunglasses:

Any updates??

ahahahaha da zepp vil go leave a tube cumment b4 he figah out da appropriate official rezponze :sunglasses:

da dickotomy of gensui + zheeyatnezz of diz mofo leavin da zepp zumwut cuntflicted :whale:


I c da zepp and da 88pear haff cummented. :slight_smile:

I find it difficult to make a serious comment on such wilful dogmatism tbh…


Response vid for quadruple beat theory in which would be twice as slow again?? Perhaps with some old keyboard stuff saying playing with thumbs is demonic thrown in lol


Wimmofo, listen to this.
“Speed is of essential importance … Czerny conceived of the etudes as being played no slower than allegro molto or presto; one is even marked presto volante. The etudes are only pianistically dull when they are plodded through, and only musically dull when they are played with no melodic imagination or dynamic variety. Only then does Czerny become the enemy of the pianist and an intense bore!”


AHAHAHAHA da 299 iz a random clazzik!!!

dere iz at leazt 8 wikid zoundin etz from diz book :sunglasses:

Da PLETNOPHILE said in an intahviuh once that da 299 is one of da mozt important set of ets to acquiah a virtuozo tech, indispenzible fo tech development or wordz like dat.

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ahahahah tru i iz zhor da :zcholah: can play all da etz from diz book :sunglasses:

@ haff zpeed, yes! :wink:

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I’ve tried to stay off da wim’z channel cos the modest annoyance factor exceeds da v small cg factor…

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I reckon just about anything can be played at half speed without having to learn it. These guys got a pretty good racket.


tru diz da TRU GURU MAZTERY of da 88

pick a zpeed where every zheeyat becummah a ziterape exercize :snail::sunglasses:


woh, this is way to call BS on these guys. Request vids that don’t got music. Slow memory or site rape??

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ahahahah TRU diz make zenze, but remembah

da wize wordz of da chairmofo :comme:

zum zheeyat about

a world where znailz n cheetahz co-exizt in peaceful harmony

:palm_tree: :rocket: :palm_tree: :snail: :palm_tree: :sunglasses:


This true, and surpirisngly, wim style playing just produced slow rapes on pieces I don’t know…



diz zl*w read-thru diffah from da WIM/ZCHOLAH variety fo da followin reazon:

becuz u iz well verzed in da ART of ZPEED n FURY, da zl*w tempo juz make it zound lyk an EPIC TENZION-FILLLED FUN MARCH

bazically we can tell diz zl*w tempo cannot contain da TRU FURY brewin from wizin, n dat make it an excitin interp

da WIM n ZCHOLAH dun give off diz vibe at all :sunglasses: