da SDC is fucked up....

the good ol’times with da MAR, Chris,Zepp, Rob, Kryt, Doc. etc. seem to be gone.

Say hello to da “new” era of da TM, WUDANG and some other random nu people.

Basically… pianostreet2 :comme:


wudang iz actually a legend. He joined in 2008, actually. U mention da Chris and da Kryt, but u forgot da WOOD???

Man, what a shitty post.

Go prax da hanon. u latin cock


and fo da record, iz da :tm: nu???

I joined da SDC on June 30, 2005. My first post iz now harshly attributed to da TS.


and also

Masataka Goto
Beethoven: Piano Sonata in D minor, Op. 31 No. 2
Beethoven: Rondo in G Major, Op. 51 No. 2
Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 13 in A minor
Liszt: Chasse-neige
Bellini/Liszt: Reminiscences de Norma

:blush: :blush:

da candain iz not an old membah. da candain = PS/SDC2, n he vud probably take dat az a compliment. u alzo foget da LEE, da JALGOR n da ZHREDDAH. alzo da ROPZTAH, da ROBOT, da ZUPAHZTAH, da NA, da GRIM, da JEFF, da JAKE, da MIKE, da BREW n da RACHEL. alzo da zkep, mildly 8)

alzo wtf no mention of da :comme: o da :jacko:

u zeem to be remembering an SDC dat nevah exizted; bazically da tranzitional phaze between comme-sdc n candain-sdc, but ovahlookin da CG. dat iz not da old SDC.



SDC iz not da same wizout dem

fuck. He iz pozz mah only friend on here.

then why do you keep coming back if no one likes you here?

ùnrelated: da zkep’s avvy so good 8)

alzo i wuz flippin through some back issuez of international piano mag & saw da koji in the concert lineup. so legendary

Sadly, I have to agree. It seams like the site is going downhill, but possibly it is just temporarily…


tiz interesting to check but not a piano haven where i hang all the time like it used to be. all this TM posts make me tired too.

i believe moz of dem are ztill here but dont pozt az much

except for da lee who pazzed away :frowning:

because ov da recz, you mofo.

people are probably busy doing other sheeyat.

even da comme? 8)

Who iz busier: Comme or Zepp? :slight_smile:

where iz da zepp???


I hope he vil cum back


comme zeems to haff overcum hiz azzpergerz and iz banging zum prediktably ugly brit chicks

da zepp… iz juz being da zepp 8)

da sdc has officially died