DA SDC on Wikipedia


is non-existent…someone make an article now!

They even deleted the short replacement article. :imp:

They are not worthy :chop:

Remedied 8)


da key here is to keep the article short and sweet, in order to avoid deletion

Status: Deleted

Tis not a matter of girth but whether or not she is fond of cok in the first place. :lib:

no link to the site you fuckaz,

dey hate dat

"Indeed, Classical purists may cringe at the mention of this community. "

dis here sentence iz unnecessarily complicated, makes it luk written by 14 year old trying to sound smart (no offense).

I vill uze my comp. skillz to write somethin short n sweet.

EDIT: k, just rephrased that last bit, if u dont lik u can revert. u dont want to say that those who have a sens eof humor like it, because that’s just our sense of humor, and this article can get deleted for NPOV

Twas use of irony.

There were even tis’s and twas’s.

PS How da fyuk is da outlook infantile. Tis enlighten if anything. N you forgot a comma.

hahahha,d id not mean to offend. 8)

EDOT: fuck dis pozt i mizundastood. :whale:

mildly interesting

da girth expazion wuz INZANELY RAPID , correct diz 8)

the sdc is void of complex sentence structure. In fact, I, amung few, I iz the only one to utilize sentences with more than one word.

What iz asks is “how da fyuk” in relation to “Despite its seemingly infantile outlook on classical music”

Infantile would be if we were all playing with 88 blocks and holding great pianist in high respect without actually having an appreciation for the work it takes to get their level then while calling other pianists boring and stupid.


They’ll learn to 8)

hence “zeemingly” 8)

EDIT: Daim, da mizundastanding on mah part! fuck mah last post, lizen to dis one.

dere are grammatical errors you fuckers,

can’t you speak gud english dam it

Our engrish is better than most the engrish on that website.

Seriouzly :lib:

Ah, so 8)

mildly interesting

hah nice

iz a bit short tho