da SDC speaketh: da gratezt mofo of da FLAC era

Mannn DA TM never even attempt daRach 3

Too many notes to memorize.

Also, HU IN DEIR RIGHT FUCKIN MIND wants to compete wiz da

1941 Ho/Barbirolli rec 8)

Yeah, even Prok 2 is done now. Let’s hear them do the Bartok 2. 8)


Yeah, I was going to say, 4 seconds in and it’s clear this is some low-energy Rachmaninoff.

Of this list, I probably like Debargue most because he’s strikingly fresh & original and he can really move me with his playing, I thought his playing during the Tchaikovsky Comp was quite wonderful (except the last Concerto). That said, I’ve recently heard some Scarlatti that I didn’t like at all - and I don’t care much for his own compositions.

It’s just me trying to cover the 10 most likely preferences really - if you have someone else you like better than the people on the list then by all means.

I quite agree about Debargue though. I voted for Tyson now, but I loved both of Brew’s recital recordings with Debargue and really liked the Moscow stream we capped here earlier this year as well. He’s maybe more about the promise than the results so far, but with such a mind I’m positive they will come soon enough.

Maybe I would change some names, or add:
Haochen Zhang, Yeol Eum Son and Yulianna Avdeeva.

fuckkkkkkk!?!?!?? :comme: :zhreddah: :gav: :jacko:

Zeppysan doesn’t like her? :slight_smile:

ahahah da AVDEEVA bazically

RAPED da reputation of da chopcomp tru 8)

Strangely enough, my opinion on her is purely based on recordings that are NOT from that competition, so I wouldn’t know if you’re right or wrong.
All I hear is an allround pianist who’s developing into something really special - for me, special enough to include her in xsdc’s list.

Hahaha da Wang tied wiz da Trif

Which one haff a

Biggah cock tho? 8)

I didn’t follow the 2010 comp, but when I heard samples of Avdeeva’s playing from it (and since) I liked it. I’m keen to hear her live but she doesn’t seem to perform much here. Of the young ones, I’m most upset about missing Chochieva multiple times, since she hasn’t played a recital here for a while and doesn’t seem to have one lined up in the future.