da semi-rudy

Glasgow, City Hall: BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra - Osmo Vanska
Prokofiev Piano Concerto No 1 in D flat major Op 10
“Demidenko tore the concerto apart, stripping away every nuance of romance, caprice, and wit, revealing instead the metallic, clattering, grinding, shockingly radical piece that Prokofiev actually wrote. And, rivets flying, he hurled it at the audience in the fastest and most physically powerful performance I’ve ever heard (with Vanska and the SSO roaring along beside him). Spectacular.”

Michael Tumelty: The Glasgow Herald, March 1997

Melbourne: Melba Hall
“What a pianist. Nikolai Demidenko is a giant of the keyboard with astounding spectacular bravura. Playing entirely without mannerism, his tone ranged from hushed whispers to roaring cascades of sound.”

Keith Field: Herald Sun, August 1996

Astounding pianist, in short - he is a tru mofo

CLV, SDC forum October 2004

nuff said 8)

It iz a fact dat RUDY can do wit one hand what da semi-rudy can do wit both. 8)

nevatheless, dat is still mucho impressivo 8)

sad but tru 8)

i still hactually believe dre to have da best outer fingah tech 8)

aftah reading dis topic 4 times I understood da pun on “semi-rudy”


hahahahahahahahahaha, RESPEC!

dis is da thing about da SDC - we reward useless effort 8)

wit all due respec to da doctah, but dat iz just delusional. 8)

i haff faith 8)