Da Shaga respondz to da e60


Datz riiiite



FURY : 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)


Rach 3 theme + Comme level improvisation = utter shit.

or should i say rabbit shit (rabbit consumed their shit for more nutrition, so means it’s the shit of the shit.)

I c da e60 side feels da PRESSURE 8)

Do you realize you have just given Comme da best compliment he can evah hope to receive in 8 lifetimes?


i am glad.

dayum, respec to da shaga. 8)

ghahaha, fo a clearer undastandin i explianed in da otha shaga topic

da e60 and jeff heard DIS from me, den proceeded to make da revenge topic

it appeaz we iz divided into 2 sanction of FURY

me and da zepp r rootin fo da SHAGA

whereas da e60 and da JEFF r rootin fo da e60 ofcoz

da k mart haznt made hiz alleigance clear

but already dis iz shapin up to be a wikid WAR OF DA PRODIGY DEMONZ

haha da zepp shouldve told me as i tink dis improv is utter rubbish b4 his bad self posted it 8)

u havent seen da last of ma real-bad-self 8)

hahaha DAYUM

Da SHAGA extendz his lead 8)


zepp & comme:

if this is what you consider a “response”, then i hate to think what you would call a “challenge”.

if you want me to consider “responding” to this, serve up something more impressive than a rach 3 theme + arpeggios + chromatic scales + chords, or something that anybody that can play the piano in the first place (no disrespect to the chairman) can do.

and if it elicits a response from me -

y’all best be ready.

y’all are playin wit fire… but, in this case, fire that’s 3-4 years old. ain’t gonna be ready for what’s gonna hit ya.

but i’ma tell you this. it’ll take more than a rach 3 theme with arpeggios and chords to get a “response” from me.

and to da shaga:

no disrespect - i know you can do better. let’s hear it.

hahaha dayum u iz a bad man e60m5 8)

hahahaha, e60 u iz a bit sheeyat

i prefer da shaga

For E60m5 about da Shaga supporters:

They are very easily aroused.

They even want to fuck a pregnant dog on the sidewalk.

no man, i wouldnt fuck yo mom

hahahahahaha 8)

comme, talk to me when u have learnt to play the C scale.

haha, u tlk to me when u figure out how to play twinkie twinkie little (anal)star

Diz doesn’t quite make sense, since a challenge iz inherently more FURIOUS den a response. It be like saying “If datz yo worst, i hate to think what be yo best.”

and regardless, i have high RESPEC fo all membaz of both campz, except da Jeff.