da shrimp vs da dongah

which one u lyk mo, da shrimp o da dongah???

  • da shrimp
  • da dongah

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which one u lyk mo?

it has to be da shrimp fo me…he actually makes music…

[21:54] [color=red]Catz: hahahah which iz yo preference
[21:54] [color=red]Catz: zhrimp o dongah?
[21:54] [color=orange]da taniwha: hahaha da DONGAH haff mo RAW GENSUI
[21:55] [color=red]Catz: hahah i mizz da zhrimp NIKE dayz
[21:55] [color=orange]da taniwha: da zhrimp iz pozzibly da moz inzanely dizciplined young mofo today but juz lack any tru talent
[21:56] [color=red]Catz: hahahah coz da DONGAH haff talent?
[21:56] [color=red]Catz: harzh
[21:57] [color=orange]da taniwha: hahaha da DONGAH haff mo raw talent wizout doubt
[21:57] [color=orange]da taniwha: n diz iz not juz fingah/wank zpeed talent
[21:58] [color=orange]da taniwha: da DONGAH alzo haff da bettah 'mzical brain’ (H)
[21:58] [color=red]Catz: hahahah fuk
[21:58] [color=red]Catz: i dizagree
[21:58] [color=red]Catz: i think he haz mo pazzion
[21:58] [color=orange]da taniwha: hahah n by diz i dun mean da DONGAH brain iz mo m
[21:59] [color=red]Catz: tiz mo incilined towardz da SDC ztandardz of zpeed n CG?
[21:59] [color=orange]da taniwha: juz da DONGAH BRAIN can hold mo notez (H)
[21:59] [color=orange]da taniwha: in zl*wworld lingo diz tranzlate to:
[21:59] [color=orange]da taniwha: a biggah rep (H)
[22:00] [color=red]Catz: hahahaha ic
[22:01] [color=red]Catz: mah teachah iz not da biggezt dongah fan
[22:01] [color=red]Catz: predicktably
[22:01] [color=red]Catz: much mo zhrimp inclined
[22:02] [color=orange]da taniwha: hahaha well da harzh truth iz
[22:02] [color=orange]da taniwha: fo a ztudent da goal of becummin da next ZHRIMP iz much mo approachable
[22:02] [color=orange]da taniwha: diz bazically requirez:
[22:03] [color=orange]da taniwha: a perfected perf rep of 3 concz n 2 recital progz
[22:04] [color=orange]da taniwha: n obviouzly diz muz be TRULY PERFECTED
[22:05] [color=red]Catz: ic wat u mean
[22:06] [color=orange]da taniwha: n diz iz vally pozzible if u DEDICKATE yo azz to it
[22:07] [color=orange]da taniwha: hahaha da DONGAH haff a perf rep of 40+ concz n at leazt 10 recital progz
[22:08] [color=orange]da taniwha: n he randomly get nu commizzion sheeyatz too
[22:09] [color=orange]da taniwha: lyk in london laz yr he learn a random TIPPET CONC in 3 dayz den perf it
[22:09] [color=red]Catz: hahah daym
[22:09] [color=red]Catz: maybe i undereztimate him aftah da few random recz i haff heard
[22:09] [color=orange]da taniwha: diz iz DOC/LIB level tru maztery
[22:10] [color=orange]da taniwha: hahaha da amount of rezpec da DONGAH getz iz truly a bit zad

whos taniwha???


10 recital programmez aint sheeyat. In Russia, hofmann once played 21 consecutive recitals without repeating a piece (255 in all). Da rectum, ruby etc could do da same sheeyat. Da Dongah iz nothing special, except for being a chineze so dat DG can increase itz market share in china.

Brew is right.

:doc: could prolly do amazing amounts of new recitals too.

da zepp will prolly mention da age-gap.

-da Meph

da dongah makes me laugh every time

he’s the best comedic pianizt

[color=red]"da taniwha: [color=yellow]fo a ztudent da goal of becummin da next ZHRIMP iz much mo approachable. bazically requirez: a perfected perf rep of 3 concz n 2 recital progz "

winning da prestigious 88 compet is essential.

tha tru michfang iz a zmart mofo :rudy: :rudy:


hahaha but in every convo da zepp harzhly prove he haf a mo zhrimp-lyk rep of examplez :whale:

da comme haf mo expanzive gensui n can provide GENSUI NU INZITEZ into sheeyat on da drop of a random hat :doc:

hahahhaha da dongah fo CG :dong:

I’m beginning to dislike yundi li more and more, but I don’t think he’ll ever stoop to the level of the dongah