Dizzkuzz da mofo :ghey:

me lyk

he once had a program where he wud play mah favorite sheeyat, but he canceled it. but ok :ghey:

respec da skepto

hahaha, tru :ghey: :ghey:

'n rezpec da orgy

DaYuM Tru.

da Skepto iz mo den dat

da skepto iz a great resource. he knows a shitload of sheeyat.

rite :kan: :ghey:

he’s ghey and can rampantly bone da barber concerto. respec (fo da concerto) :laughing:

hahahahahah legendary 8)

i didnt mean it as criticism, dont use mah sheeyat to back ur azz up zepp


what an suprise! :doc: when skepto says something he never fails to proove it :comme: :whale: :whale: :whale:

-da Meph


gotta love da skep

:pimp: :pimp: :pimp: