da Sl*w Demon Community


tru nothin haz been poztd today :mrgreen:


nice shadez 8)

it happens once in a while.

doez it kritty? :lib:



a few days, really

haha tru I presume most mofos randomly busy.

ahah tru thiz iz a buzy tym of yr 8)

been a while since we seen da :comme:

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I’m randomly hungover :rob:

Now I’m harshly vagued

Hahahaha dayum i’m fucking BLAZTED. McGill weekendz are crazy. Friend of Moi bought a new bong and HOLY SHIT.

Haha tru just got back home, tiz 5 am. Gonna go to bed n then I haff a recording sezzion tomorrow with a jazz combo. 8)




I feel fine now :dong:

thatz gud brew :gav:

haha da SDC iz zumwut lezz inzane den it uzed to be


da zkep vil get back to wurk :rock:

da wurld pazzez diz thred by