Da Sock recordings

I have none :stop:
What’s da recommendations?
Love his Rameau from what I’ve heard on da tube, but can’t find a disc.

Chopin op.25 :chop: :chop:

From memory, jred was probably the biggest sokolov fan here, although I don’t think I’ve seen him around recently.
I’m not a huge fan personally, and a lot of the recordings are pitched incorrectly (the bootlegs not commerical releases obviously).

That’s good, I need a decent Preludes; find my Bolet incredibly stodgy.

for the preludes I vote Cortot.
Which Bolet are you talking about? the carnegie hall ones?

I have one of Cortots, the one that was on the great pianists disc I think.
Afaik, the Bolet is studio.

which Cortot one is the best? I have the one in the 1940s but i heard the 1926 and 1933 are even better. i actually just started getting into cortot a few days ago. his 2nd sonata and etudes are simply outstanding.

yeah, there’s an absolutely incredible Mozart 488 too. Also I think his Petrushka live in the 80s (not Japan, somewhere else… Amsterdam or something?) can simply not be beat.

His Saint-Saens 2 is my favorite

The Brahms op.10 are kinda bad imo
Best Diabelli Variations ever played

Best Tombeau de Couperin (is it live from Zurich I’m thinking of?)

Schubert is absolutely out of this world. The G Major, post. B-flat major, and C minor (many bootlegs).

Also best Brahms 1st Sonata ever played.

And as everyone else said the Chopin op.25 is godlike