Da Soundcloud - what is dis?

Youtube kinda sounds like shit even tho its free and helpful to track record hobby progress.

Is da soundcloud better for this. All i know is this is where terrible rap music takes place.

Last research I did suggested it wasn’t super high quality. You can upload wavs. I don’t know what it does to them afterwards. I get far more plays on da tube so don’t bother much with it these days as a repository for my stuff.

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pozz ztart da tranzfer & reztore podcazt

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Thats not a bad idea to plan for post break down. Tho my voice sounds a little like a stoned bain from batman.

Does it embed here? :lib:
Lez c

tru, track image a bit 20% only tho
dat wuz properly recorded so shud give sum idea of audio quality

Playing sounds good! Though sound wise likely compressed a bit. I’ll poke around when I get time. Also tube views creep me out. Like 200 people subbed to watch me clean records and make horrific incremental improvements on already reissued records.

Is spooky!


will investigate the onlyfans :sunglasses: :alpaca:

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It’s good mics and on a decent but not full size grand so is gonna be one of the better audio samples I can access quickly.

Plus it’s a :zif: tranny :laughing:

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thanks it helps. Looks like they compress to 128 or 256 if you pay cash to stream meh

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I know its full insanity but I’m redoing the Cziff Liszt polonaise and bach side for thousanth time with new tweaks. stay tuned!


I enjoy hearing Tatum tracks on there

Imagine you start an onlyfans with that content and make some serious cash

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It really the only explanation for it. I dun tag my posts.

200 at 10 bucks a month 24k a year I bet a channel where I squirt things with a water pick easily clear that records not withstanding.

That’s enough money to

Pay somebody 11 dollars an hour to work full time cleaning my 600 sq for apt.


You also gotta factor in deir


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You can drop yo audio on Bandcamp. Dey let you do HIREZ flac