Da Stanhope Chop God Ets - YT Presentation

A nice way to present the original Chopin Etudes (opus 10 only) and then the Godowsky versions, one by one.
In general I don’t like how he plays the Chop version, often too rigid & dry (though very fast), but the Godowsky Etudes are quite stunningly played.
The amazing thing here is that this guy isn’t even a pianist in the normal sense - as he’s doing a lot of other musical stuff as well.

Ahahahahah TRUUUU diz mofo a total fuckin legend

Da zepp one of da firzt mofoz to cumment on deze vidz, back den I remembah bein ztruck by da inzanely imprezzive playin az well az da

Inzanely pedeztrian brit accent 8)

I forgot all about this legend !

He was one of the first to put a passable Godowsky etude on CD waaaaay back. Also his transcriptions pretty great