da SUPERHAPPYJOYJOY penis - da gibbonataur

hahahaha DAYUM

as i have said before, dis mofo was RAISED ON FURY, when he was in da cradle he leapt out and headbutted da piano to da rhythm of twinkle twinkle - to prove da point dat he was fuckin sick of da tune

when he was old enuff to walk - he decided to run to uganda to unleash his FURY to help da poverty stricken youngstahs

when his balls had dropped (age 7) - he hung around wit biatches 3 times his age - we can only speculate as to what kind of girth he possessed at such an age to warrant such a legendary pimp status.

all dis insane FURY - it seems - got to his head.

dis insane upbringing distorted his emotions and left him wit a permanent grin -

witness dese examples of him in action

playing da chopin funeral march -

playing rach’s melancholic vocalise -

randomly unleashing a melancholic vocal aria from a puccini opera -

moistening some chick’s panties(it seems he still has a penchant fo oldah chix ) -

rehearsing da alkan funeral march -

demonstrating his legendary left hand dexterity - he is actually playing chopin’s 24th prelude in this photo-

dis poor mofo’s got a clothes hanger stuck in da mouth 8)

hahahaa, dats one possibility, but i prefer da emotional scarring story 8)

hahaha what a Brit

lmao in an episode of “Family Guy” there’s dis British neighbor dude that hits on Lois, and he looks EXACTLY like him (anyone seen dat?) :laughing:

(dis is da only pic I could find of him, but if ya seen da episode… ya know what I mean. He’s got the same mouth and everything)

hahaha, i am simultaniously amused and offended 8)

Da Hough meistah iz not impressed. 8)

hahahahahaha, dat is actually not him

dis is just some random mofo

hes just like da comme
except da comme wears shades 24/7

… yeah… k… :neutral_face:

hahahahahah, dats rite

hahaha what a Brit :astonished: 8)

:angry: 8)


how you like me tryin out da shades? 8)

:arrow_right: 8) :question:

This is Jack Gibbon
check the link of the photo.

hahahahahaha, u mofo jeff

da zepp invented his fuckin name