da TEMPO pimp1 in jap fuckkkkk

TRU az legendary az da chop1, wiz ztring break in da final rape!

randomly note:

da TEMPO LOOKZ appear to be followin a POGO trajectory, ie hot at 20, weird at 30, n :jeff: at 40+

8) :zhreddah:


i dont really like da TEMPO… but… DAIM THIS TECH!.. :approved:

His tone is so brittle. He really is nothing but fast fingers.

Tru. But I’ve listened to 1 or 2 of his studio recordings attentively, and if you try to listen past all the insane speed and shallow fingers, in a way it’s interesting how he structurizes his interpretation and makes the work comprehendable as an interpretor to his audience.

But that’s only if you really WANT to hear it :dong: