Da TEYMOURI - a gensui compoza penizt?

HAHAHAHA diz vid haf been appearin on TUBE advertizementz

300k viewz - bought n paid fo…rezpec diz mofoz faith in hiz abilitiez!

I zuggezt da @Dr.Furkov film zum INZANE GENSUI on da HO 88 den make da vid a paid advertizezheeyat n get a mil viewz. Pozzibly a wikid idea :gav:


Hahah daiiim.

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This is not good.

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This crossover genzui

I see, so, to get clicks you need to make content retarded enough

You see? This is why we need exposure to propah muzic n 88 lezzons in all da schools

Da TM studentz wud noe bettah den to watch diz zheeyat :sunglasses:


Well, out of his many piano vids only three have thousands of views.

But it isn’t really crossover.


diz mofo haff a very zolid ELTON JON level POP-88 TECH

n dere iz INZANE PAZZION oozin out of every frame of dat vid :whale:

MUCH REZPEC :sunglasses:


HAHAHA diz mofo mo den a bit zheeyat

da point iz dat I firmly believe if u EXPOZE enough mofoz to yo zheeyat dey vil think tiz wikid

I zuggezt da TM unleazh an inzane original COMPO/IMPRO on da HO 88 den pay da TUBE to uze it az an AD

1mil viewz guaranteed :rocky::gav:

HAHAH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK diz mofo now at 1.7 mil viewz wtf?!?


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Or I can buy 100k views n grow organically

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