da top ten (autographd by da ROB)


much respec for da castlevania

makes me miss mah old nintendo

haha, fuck

i used to be in top 10


too many new mofoz replace da kritty’s legendary position.


i used to be numbah 4

with :stop: i vil reclaim mah spot

Can I sell this on Ebay?

you’re welcome, as the castlevania is mine.

FUCK! da :comme:

hahahah n da unpredicktable JAL 8)

haha fuck!
da fuckin JAL


at least i posted sum stuff along with my spam

da rectum/speed demon has alot of work to catcjh :comme: :comme:

hahahah da JALz legendary 1000 poztz in a day

or sum sheeyat :lib:

sumthing lyk 30 / day for abouyt 2 month, tru? :stop:

daim tiz approximately :comme: level

i wizh knew how to achieve thiz fury.

i hav watchd tha retum/random zpeed demon attemptz but they r mildly fairly annoying; ‘tru’ can only be effectiv if poztd in tha right context.

for example were someone to follow up thiz pozt wit “ic” or “tru” or pozzibly " :brotha: " thiz would be acceptabl CG.

However “hahahah”, “cunt”, “fuck you” :ziff: , :lib: or :doc: would not really fit well wit thiz particular sheeyat.

hahah pozzibly “fuck you” wud be approriate actually. i would laugh.


hahahah man

no one noticed tha mildly hidden CG in thiz photo.


randomly i cunt c it /// vere iz it ???


I hate that fucker. christan mofo.

i believe it iz time to update da pic.

ahahah daim tha BOL cg pozzibly not az CG az mahbadslef belivd at tha tym.


n wutz hiz full name?

boliver allimon, or some sheeyat