da trumofo winterwind‏

da trumofo winterwind‏
From: Mikhail Kaykov (mkaykov@yahoo.com)
Sent: 14 October 2008 15:39:03
To: comme_le_vent@hotmail.com

tru, 3:27 tym.

Pozt dis shit in da sdc recz sect, or pozz in da CG sect.

pianostreet.com/smf/index.ph … ttach=5331

haha, da COLD FART,

tiz not quite ZEPP level fury, but still a bit acceptable. bettah den dat lyv meph, fo sure.

tru niggah, respect


P.S. Mannes iz legendary.

Why is tha legendary trumofo ztill banned?

Maybe itz tym to remove da ban :tm:


and seriously, comme, no one gives a shit about trumofo here. dont bother posting his recs.


**** you Canadian!!!**** you!!! Mutha****ing ***** *** *** ***** Your Mother *** ***** ****

(Rapes a music stand)