Da :kan: vz. da Zhoe 👟 (moz cuntroverzial poll yet)

I predickt diz iz da moz divizive poll yet

I fo zhor chooze da KAN n pozzibly noe hu elze wud but da

88pear, vlad, candain, among othaz predicktably vil go :athletic_shoe:

alzo - dizcuzz wut you ideal all KAN n all ZHOE progz wud be :doc:

  • I wud ratha attend an all ALKAN recital :kan:
  • I wud ratha attend an all SCHUMANN recital :athletic_shoe:

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Tru da one-pair-owning vlad chooses da mighty :athletic_shoe: but respekts da ability of doze who :kan: play da :kan:

da vlad also respekts da tolerance of doze who :kan: lizten to dat :poop: .


Haha alzo ov note iz da commonly held belief dat mofoz juz lizten to da KAN fo da ‘virtuozity’ :genie: :girth:

ov courze datz a fun part ov it but if diz wud da caze da MEREAUX wud be a bigga cumpoza den da KAN :kan: :sunglasses:


Tiz tru dat moi preferz :mans_shoe:'z 88 muzic, generally zpeakin
Fo attendin a rectal
If y’azk me if I’d ratha go to da DOC playin :kan: or da PUNANI playin :mans_shoe:,
I’d prefur da forma
Can’t really answa yo poll, it dependz :sunglasses:


hahaah okay to make it fair on dat baziz

tiz da ZAME penizt fo each

n yez dat meanz u can have a

complete :ho: or :rectum: :kan: rectal

diz wud actually be zumwut

legendary :sunglasses:

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Now might dere b a reazon az to why neitha :ho: nor :rectum: neva paformed a zingle :kan: zong in deir gloriuz careerz? :smiling_imp:

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I would rather attend an all-Alkan recital - but really only for the rarity and opportunity of it. As much as I love Alkan I do think Schumann was the better composer. Or, at least, that he wrote more good music than Alkan did.


I :kan: guarantee dat if da KAN wuz mo well known n mo rezpecd dey wud chooze to play at leazt a few workz

fo example da HO wud be wikid in da FEZTIN n da RECTUM wud be wikid in da ‘En rythme molossique’

da ARRAUZAL even played da ZYMPH zo he muz haf rezpecd da piece

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Alkan is very “special” though. He’s sharp, bizarre, ravenous, ironic, prone to extremes, and with little regard for etiquette and politeness. At this point I don’t think it’s that his music isn’t known or even respected, but that many - pianists and audiences alike - have difficulties coming to terms with him.

I agree dat da ZHOE wrote mo good muzik

but da queztion iz about hafin enough ‘great’ muzik to fill a programme

and both do

take da bezt 90 minz ov da KAN vz da bezt 90 minz ov da ZHOE and I think dere iznt much quality difference

da ZHOE iz a mo ‘poetic’ compoza but da KAN iz very moving in hiz own way, da climaxez in Alkan are often zo ferociouz and cathartic dat dey feel lyk an exorcizm :latin_cross:

Yes, depends on pianist of course, but with all things equal definitely Alkan. If they had been similarly popular and performed however, I’m not so sure anymore. Probably Schumann.

Da KAN haff mo cg

But da ZHOE

iz alzo a pretty gud punchlyn :sunglasses:



:dancer: :red light district:

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My Zhoe rectal :athletic_shoe:

1zt half
Carnaval Op. 9 - 30 minz
Sonata No.1 in F-sharp minor, Op.11 - 30 minz

2nd half
Symphonic Etudes, Op.13 - 25 minz
Fantasie in C, Op.17 - 30 minz

pretty ztandard n obviouz but diz wud be a wikid rectal


Ahahaha da definin difference iz

Da ZHOE wrote m*zik

But da KAN wrote

88 zongz :sunglasses:


Hahahaha tru pozzibly da vote zhud be bazed on wud u ratha hear

da KAN playin a rectal ov hiz own workz or

da ZHOE playin a rectal ov hiz own workz



An interesting observation is that despite da Doc’s work om behalf of da KAN, as far as da Meph can see no big name pianist after him has ever played da KAN’s music. Is that tru? Da Favorin is a good pianist, but not really that well known.


Cuz dey iz a bunch ov puzziez :sunglasses:

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No I really think it is as per above. I don’t think Alkan will ever be a mainstream name. There was Busoni, then there was Petri, then Lewenthal, then almost Cziffra, then Hamelin and in due time there will be someone else - but this is how it will continue.

It’s not that he’s unknown or that people are puzziez, it’s simply his personality.


Dependz on da work

da zymphony for zolo piano iz hiz moz flawlezz and iron clad concert piece

U cud argue da grand zon haz flawz, da conc iz ovahblown etc.

But da zymph fo zolo 88 iz a work I’d call pretty univerzal

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