da whale "I'm not too old fo diz zheeyat!"

hahaha I haff ticketz fo da :whale: concert tonyt he wuz zuppozed to play :pimp: concertoz.
but da hungarian orch cancelled
da whale laz minute prog change: da pimp 12 TEz :whale: :whale: :whale:

he hafn’t played diz prog zince 2002 I expect cg memo lapzez n wikid improz :lib:

haha well even if he forgets tiz rezpecable. Dizrezpec da orch though, dey haff customz problemz o sum sheeyat?

hahahahahah tha wikidnezz of tha WHALE :gav:
i predickt a nu record in tha te10 :whale:

Shit, I expect a CG bootleg first thing tomorrow :rectum:

Hahaha a fuckin’ mart covert sdc vid op?

hahhahah i reckon every tym tha WHALE playz in france he knowz dafuckinmart channel vil haff a nu vid tha next day :whale:

ahahaha n i wud lyk to believ he condonez it :gav:

hahaha da rob remembah da evelyne berezovsky mail?

“Me and my dad watch your videos alot so keep us entertained!”

haha zadly da :whale: tried a profound 4 minz+ interpr :ziff:

fucking rezpec!

in all seriouznezz you see him so often I wouldn’t be surprized if you addrezz him az Boriz or pozz Mr la Baleine (azzuming da convo in french).

haha legendary.

haha zrzly? rezpec :smiley:

i’ve only met him once, but he’s a totally chill guy

ahahahah tru i remembah that clazzic :whale:

"Dear dafuckinmart,

Wishing you good tidings and joy this holiday season

-the Whales"



Is this an accurate quote?!

Lol, just noticed the insanity of actually saying dear dafuckinmart :’)

How was the concert?


legendary whale… i admit he’s cool guy. I think he has adress in Belgium somewhere, because a pianist friend always visit him to show some transcr. (and who knows what else)

hahaha no tiz not an accurat quote at all 8)



I heard a story he was in London and staying with his nephew at Halls. He had a recital in paris the next day playing the Liszt Sonata but spent the day playing poker with the students. So he practiced all night with a smoke break every half hour.

haha not exactly a :whale: ov a :stop: