Da WHALE weighz in on da conflict - n getz cancelled

:whale: :whale: :whale: :whale: :whale:

The woke mob does not play around.

Just wait until they start directly confiscating bank funds for da wrong kind of comments. The beast system is not going to be fun

Also, da :whale: did not anticipate this backlash? Or maybe he planned to retire and got paid a nice bonus for those scripted (?) comments?

Hahha watch da clip n tranzlate wut da WHALE zayz?!

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Already did



Hahaha it lookz like I noe about az much about wutz goin on at da SDC az da WHALE doez about da ‘zpecial military operation’ :whale:


Yeah he just read a script… hopefully he got paid more than enough to justify the career-suicide.

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Is it really BB?
To me he looks like Gerard Depardieu in the role BB


hmmm POZZIBLY :tm:

Was the “weighs in” in da title… intentional?