Da WIM appreciation thread, zumwut

A broken clock iz correct twice a day :wim:

zo, which ztandard rep SDC CLAZZIK do u think IZ actually played too fazt? (too fazt lyk, wud zound bettah at half zpeed, or zum zuch drazdick zheeyat)

da zepp randomly nominate

da ROCK/MENDY mid zummah nite shitzo

i uzed to play diz in a 8 min EPIC INTERP 23/5 ztylee, n to moi it zounded bettah den da ztandard 4min :horse_racing: interp :sunglasses:


Schubert D960. Richter’s tempo is the best tempo.


Randomly, I think da :ho: tempo in da BIG MAC sumwhut perfect, most mofos play both his trans n da untouched pimp a bit too fast - n it does not maintain a consistent rhythm

Da Rach Paganini - mofos often start out too fast n den neglect all da “piu mosso” indications.

Liszt Sonata presto octaves that turn into prestissimo, often da buildup is too fast and den da prestissimo is too slow

Many Chop Nocts, esp da E major are played too quickly for my taste. It is marked lento

Da Pimp Weinen Klagen Prelude. Ma version was consistently da slowest in da 2017 n 2019 pimp comp selection. Tru. It should be slow. Da TM is proud of keeping da line going at a slow ass tempo. I want it slower! Hell, one day I will play it in da style of da NAZI

Same goes fo da Pimp Lugubre Gondolas 1 + 2


I love :rectum: but I can’t stand his tempo there.

To stay true to da ZPEED DEMON zpirid, can I give an example of the opposite: I think Opus 10/3 of Chopin is played WAY too slowly in general (not talking about da middle part)


da Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen

tranzlatez in mah head az

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger :robot::rescue_worker_helmet:



ahahaha fuck

da D960 not a SDC clazzik zo i dun noe wut u mofoz iz talkin about :sunglasses:


In the spirit of the Wim, all pieces that I cannot play up to speed :slight_smile:


ahahaha FUCK, pozz correct

but da ovahall interp wud only make zenze if u den

zepp da middle part :sunglasses:



fuckkkkk i haff heard many examplez of diz, tryin to think which one ztand out da moz

alzo anotha zimilah example

da FAZ (m*zikal gensui tho he iz)

doin da AZZPAZZION rape coda at zl*wah den entry zpeed fo an intenzely peculiah chill-down effect :sunglasses:

alzo da MART Weinah KLAG interp ahahahah daiiiim if u apply diz to da zhortah verzion da :tm: play, tiz vil be zum ORN level noize :sunglasses:


Turkish dong did this in da asspassion… is lame.

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ahahaha TRU tiz da zame gensui mofo :sunglasses:

Truu, plus dat spot in da :mans_shoe: Kreiz dat is marked fastah n fastah

N most mofos blow deir load early n start out too fast.

Anotha gud example is da :pimp: Rappah 6 octs.

Da TM luv da BACH Italian conc slow movement played slow as balls as well. Like da Yudina rec. I played it in dat tempo n generated sum wtf reactions from profs

Dere are certain songs where u pick yo tempo on da fastest spot

Da TM used to start out da MEPH 1 waltz intro in da same exact tempo as da actual waltz startah like 2 pages in

I gradually gave in n started da intro faster like everyone else n den slowing down slightly.

Diz pozz actually a legit interp choice - it tightens da intro violin tuning and if done intelligently, da transition into da tru slowah tempo can be smoothed over.

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My fake cancer Jyard prof (Raeeeekalipoop) played a wikid azz passion wiz a crazy ending. Positively Richteresque.

ahahaha da MEF 1 intro

da zepp uzed to judge da zpeed of different interpz of diz zong

bazed ZOLELY on da openin 4 tunin part :sunglasses:


Last mov rocky 3.


a bit wtf but ok, i vil truzt da MIKEY tazte :sunglasses:

What about Zcarbo? Racin thru it doezn’t make much senze, moozuically.
Also, Prick Preciouspatato (Snorter VII-3)


Tru. Had to keep telling myzelf doesn’t have to be preztizzimo.

Juzt zoundz like zcramble otherwize.


ahahaha thiz :sunglasses: :whale:
i may nevah uze tha term zon again :gav:


Haha da 10-4

Bezt when u play 90% ov yo potential zpeed throout n puzh to da full 100% in da CODA