da xsdc starts a youtube channel

I’m home with a cold currently, so why not start a youtube channel. It’s mostly clips I’ve used as examples here or with friends earlier for now, but I’ll add schtuff I feel is worth hearing from time to time. Info will for the most part be minimal to protect my sources, since the vast majority of these will be drawn from non-commercial sources.

youtube.com/channel/UCa3XbR … e6e3JtH_Qw

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Hell yeah. Underground minimalist outlook, I’m in.

I don’t know how important the Categories on YT are but switching them to Music might be useful. Thanks for the recordings

Subscribed :wink:

I’ll sub too.

Subscribed! Diz gonna be wikid!!!

Get ready for a slew of questions of ‘When and where was this?’

Hehe, yeah. I reserve the right to make things up and lie as much as I please. :gav:

Categories - gotcha, thanks.

I hope I’m not spamming you with e-mails through this btw if you’ve subscribed. There will be quite a lot of activity over the next few days now, but things will come to a halt by monday or so after which updates will be much less frequent & much more irregular.

Give it a few days and you’ll have ‘Arturo Bendetti Michelangeli’ leave a comment on one of your Pogorelich videos: Dear collector, do you have any rare Pogorelich, Argerich, Virsaladze you’d like to exchange?

lmfao that dude is everywhere

Great news, man! Subbed.

Had a taste of the Granados valses, lovely stuff, haven’t checked out AdL in these before. Have you checked out Grosvenor? The man owns dem.


I sent this very recording to Grosvenor to study as he learnt them

Ugh. Yeah been there done that. The thing with these guys is that they never bring anything of their own to the table.

How do you have a relationship with Grosvenor?

Haha, that’s pretty hilarious :dong:
What did you think of his rendition?

I think AdL is better :tm:

A friend has known Grosvenor ever since he was a little boy. I often hear about him through him, and sometimes help with recommendations or recordings when BG is learning something new.

I wonder what’ll happen if I put a blatantly obvious bootleg of Zimerman on here :dong:

You’ll get more messages from Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli

Haha yeah first. Then three days later the Polish cavalry come charging in with chieftain KZ the Greybeard at the helm.