tru, da zkep went thru all 555 again da pazt two weekz n accumulated a lizt of da goodies, will pozt wiz preferred perfz latah

duz anywun have a fav uncommon Zcarlattizon?

I love da fuckin k 24.
Gensui and not played dat much.
I usually fuck up this mofo for encore :blush:

K8 is the one I play most often. I love the dotted rhythms and the interesting harmonies.

There’s a ton of them. Neglecting the super celebrities there’s at least 487, 12, 13, 14, 119, 461, 519, 523, 8, 443, 491, 450, 284, 24, 25, 27, 29, 135, 531, 386, 387, 113, 319, 101, 260, 466… and (with a bit of cheating) these are just the ones I know the numbers of.

Favourite slow one: 25
Favourite fast one: 113… or 119

truuuuuuuu a zkep top 5 fav 8)

tru da Vivaldi 8)

What are the granados arrangements like?

not fo mah-bad-zelf

try diz (zound lyk zum Dragon Warrior I zheeyat):


Da ZKEPTO tastes usually spot on!

Nah. Scarlatti is best played vanilla IMO. Or by Tausig…

There are not too many in F# major, and this one is a real beauty (those modulations in the second half!):

What a great rec too.
Volodya really plays Scarlatti damn well.
(No fucking original instrument bs required 8) )

:bar: : hey hey, why da fuck u don’t mention my Scarlatti rec? Not fast enuff?
I remember da Volodya and all da hot Soviet chicks were checking out ma efficient finga movements when I unleashed Diz at ma student rectalz in Kiev


Actually many sound better on a modern piano than on a harpisschord. :wink:

:ho: : Ezp on ma pimped up 88.



Tru 8)

Da Patty randomly owns sum of da Z-kar zonz tru.

K. 8 ahahaha da POGO “allegro”:

K. 12

K. 22

K. 24

K. 27

K. 32

K. 40 (no good rec on da tube)

K. 50 (no piano rec on da tube period, but clearly a great piece with lots of opportunities for good sounds)

K. 56 (no superb rec, but diz vil do):


K. 72 (great, check diz zheeyat out):

K. 81 (not originally a keyboardzon, but a great zheeyat. need a great rec):

K. 87 wiz da zpeedy interp:

K. 108, diz peniz Christian Zacharias v ztrong wiz da zcarlatti:

K. 109:

K. 115 (no pazzable rec on da 88 but tiz highly popular wiz da harpzich*rdizt thugz):

K. 118 (would prefer faztah interp):

K. 121 (no pazzable 88 rec):

K. 138 (anothah top quality piece wiz literally no good 88 rec. intro iz a bit bland but zkip to 0:22):

K. 141 ofc da greatezt :orgy:

good point to ztop, da zkep vil continue latah, vil get mo into da obscure territory

Rezpek da ZKEPTO!

: u mofoz forgot about my romanticized ZCAR arrangements. We have all doze pimp as fuck registers, why da fuck not use dem? Purists can go have a master class wiz da lezbo for $300




K. 183

K. 188

K. 197

K. 201

K. 202 (excellent perf from unknown)

K. 203 (no good interpz, would prefer zl*wah)

K. 213

K. 218 (no good rec)

K. 232 (no good rec)

K. 238, ok perf

K. 239 ofc a clazzic, bezt interp by far

K. 247

big gap

K. 348 (no good rec, bazically da zame az 445)

Man that was good…

And one hell of a prelude to a hockey game :dong:

Wth, maybe I’m very tired after work, but hearing and reading that music at the same time was a bit difficult. Is the sheet music even the same?