da zepp disgracez da SDC

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fucking damnit i still can’t get in


here iz da jist -

mazeppa wrote:
Lastly, for op10-12, 2:30 is the prefered time. When played too fast, there would be little room for expression. Too slow, and u lose the urgency

hahaha but he used da rude version of wetputty 8)

da zepp woz hobviously unenlightened at dis point 8)

that’s my very first post in da CF i believed

I was still a nice mofo and used a lot of emot-icon…

And I have revealed my SD-root even 1.5 years ago.

hahahahaha, RESPEC

datz rite jeff. do not deny yo very nature. 8)

da zepp was a philosophical fossil


well, dis post iz from da cretacious age 8)

Damn, coo to read this sheeyat 8) . I didn’t even exist back then

i did, i saw yo momma give birth to a camel

i was da pussy


hahaha, DAYUM

SDC’s effect iz unmeasurable.

much like our cockz 8)