Da Zhoe's hand injjury

There’s the famous ztory about the home made finger strengthener he invented which ruined his conzert career but I read somewhere that’s rubbish.
Then there’s diz on wiki

Does anyone know what the current thinking is?

daim i alwayz thought that wuz a tru ztory
lyk a brick tied to a fingah or zum zheeyat :dong:

I too believed in the finger strengthener story, don’t know any others personally.

Maybe da CLARA zabotaged him so he couldn’t compete with her career? :dong:

Talk to Isserlis and he’d agree - he thinks she practically ruined him.

I think he sabotaged himself as a pianist, so he’d have an excuse. Just my crazy theory.

Are there any reports on his piano playing? Was he any good?
Or you saying that he realised Clara was better?

bitches be crazy, amirite fellas?

he tried to play the Schumann toccata in Db major

I’m more inclined to believe the finger strengthener story than the toccata one.


haha I was imagining something along those lines, home-made :zhreddah:

Didnt he facilitate some machines to lift his pinkies that fucked it up?

think it was the fourth finger that he fucked.


That’s just as speculative as the finger machine story, which if I’m not mistaken originated from Schumann himself.
All he’s done in this blog is make assertions.
Maybe there is some evidence in the original article but the link doesn’t work.

I guess it is all speculative although this one cites contemporary sources
ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/article … 0-0034.pdf