da zhrimp iz engaged...

to da michelle lin of taiwan

from taiwaneze radio tru.

:shrimp: :shrimp: :chop: :shrimp:


daim, pix?!

respec. he’s rather hot so i iz got high expectations for his woman.


hahaha diz zheeyat iz quite low-key

can’t find any pix rite now

da jeff maybe can hunt fo zum in hk tabloidz 8)

hahaha in all gheynezz i wud agree :ho:

:comme: :shrimp: :comme: :ho: :comme: :shrimp: :comme:

Here she is:


da pic seriously needz an extra inch in height.

dude, i just opened that in front of my boss (hormonal woman) and closed it straight away to reveal ure avatar… FFS lol.

Haha, next tym use diz panic link when ur boss comez:


tru, though out of context it falls nicely in my line of work. plus diz i work at a children’s bookshop so yo avatar’s dont do me any favours with the customers.

hahaha diz pozz uzeful at work
dasdc.net/forum/profile.php? … d=1&msub=4


da zhrimp 8)

Rezpec now diz iz family friendly site tru :comme:

Rezpec yo taking time out from helping the kidz to check in on da sdc

… and search fo new porn.

Yeah, da gruf rly behavez like an azzhole to tha kidz :smiley: :whale:

pianostreet.com/smf/index.ph … 022.0.html ??


the money from da kidz goes yo ure classical uploads. im a fucking charity case there.