Da Ziff's story

I am sure u have all read this


Ziff wrote he played jazz for the sheer necessity of money…

that means Ziff diss jazz!!!

hahahaha da jeff iz quick to judge, az usual 8)

movie shud be made…koji agreez

Da Ziff should be honored.

He deserves to be one of the greatest pianists who ever lived.

he already iz

u fuckah

Da Ziff tends to more famous when he passed away.

indeed, but his greatest fame was when u hear dose live recs wit ROARIN crowdz

how did the legendary die?

well, da french turned from lovahs of FURY AND SPEED to bein softcore mofos

dey didnt like him anymo

and da son died…

not enough people know the real Cziffra. my teacher wasn’t too fond of him, until I lend her some live recs. that marcel guy, i could go to his house, beat him up, and steal all his ziff stuff.

are you gonna bark all day, little doggy, or are you gonna bite?


btw - i just got da ziff BOOK, wit cd 8)