da Zim Concert

wut a cock 8)

aftah lyk 10 MINZ of clapin lyk mofoz n lyk 5 recallz diz arogant cock didn’t rezpec da pain of mah handz n didn’t unleash a single encore

naturally da fifth time he cumed back to bow wit hiz ghey arogant smile I BOOED him lyk a mofo

da minimum numbah of encorez I had waz da shrimp n it waz 2 (one n a half)

da ZIM should juzt go back to polland n sell fried dumpling! :doc:

hahahahahahaha, da FRAME

diz wuz hiz sadiztic attempt at CG

hahah da Comme. CG

-DA Meph mofo

yep. i literally agree

HAHAHAHAHAH FUCK i randomly mizzed diz report :dong:

hahaha, tru

Randomly if u talk to him after da conzert he tell you he didn’t sleep mo dan 4 hourz a week that season.

Poland not Polland

hu gifz a fuck :chop:

tru he didnt play an encore when i saw him either…but other than that it was the best concert I had ever been to

what was his program?

I’ve been to SIX Kuerti concerts - NEVER has he played an encore.

That’s absolutely fine by me - he plays his program so damn well, who could ask for more?

I saw Yuri Rozum a coupla years back and he did 6 encores which he played better than the program.

That happens surprisingly often. Like those pianists who play a concerto like Tchaik 1 or Rich 3rd - and play just boringly all the way through and then own the last few bars.

dat zoundz alot lyk ma 10/1 :ho:

tru 8)


when did u unleash 10-1? i didn’t recognize it.

I met him in person, he signed my Chopin etude book, and gave me his email.

Practiced Tch1, Rach3 in front of me, gave me tips for Chopet (10,1/2/12)
absolutely friendly dude

and he performed those chopet and da pimp/schubert erlkonig and ave maria fo me too

awesome stuff

and what were the tips exactly ?

he wrote them down on my chopet book
like how to articulate the 10/1 and the wrist movement and such