Da zkep create a pimp-ztyle opera fantazy

tru got da new Finale downloadin. Only gunna uze da trial, zo da zkep hath a mere 30 dayz to complete diz zheeyat. vil be on da La Gioconda wiz a focuz on da dance of da whorez, a project da zkep ztart lazt year n quickly drop. But hath been thinkin about it frum tym to tym n haff a pretty worked-out concept of wut it vil zound lyk, ztructah, wut effectz to uze vere etc.

vil drop da zheetz az mah-bad-zelf go thru it, ztartin wiz da intro today. vil be amenable to zuggeztionz/critique. ezp da little interlude at 3:33-4:10 currently lackin an 88 concept, n da zec from 5:50-6:40 alzo dun haff a concept fo atm tho tiz much mo immediately peniztic in writin zo not az worried. u thugz zhud impro zum zheeyat on deze bitz n lemme know wut workz:


Ok pimp!

Any mofos on here can hook yo ass up with a CRACKED Finale?

We’ve really lost ground on beards since late 19th century.


When writing dis kinda sheeyat, I think it iz a gud starting point if you clarity to wut extent you want da final compo to be tranzcription and to wut extent you want it to be parasheeyat. Every parasheeyat I’ve ever written has cum from hourz and hourz of impro on da themez, den select the bits I felt were most effective, and pruning them quite mercilessly to make them as coherent as pozz, impro having a tendency to being formally untidy. In cuntrazt, creating a tranny involves a more analytical procezz of trying to replicate the textures and effects on da 88. Often creating a basic reduction of da score to 88 format isn’t that hard (eg the section from 3.34 wouldn’t be difficult to do), but getting a result which is a bit bland is only too easy…


tru, been MULLING on diz long enuff to haff a lot of dat figured out already, tho many zpecificz to work out at da keyz. da zkep haff a cute 21 yr old ovah fo gettin pounded all day zo didn’t end up bein productive 8) in clazzic pimp ztyle already. > 7 inchez n generally did az told, a high quality bitch

u iz da mofo @festinfurious dat da zkep vud want to help on diz zheeyat, yo tranniez iz gud. moi think diz a gud project, iz u interezted in gettin in on it? da zkep vil do da manual labor, juzt lookin fo a mofo o two to throw zum extra ideaz at mah-bad-zelf, can giff u da whole run-down regarding parazheeyat vs. tranny zectionz n mah conceptz fo dem wiz a bit mo zpecificity dan in da othah thread vere I gave da bullet pointz

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Sum thoughtz which might be uzeful:

If you opt for a parasheeyat rathah den a ztraight tranz, I think it becumz a very legit question az to do you retain the form, ztructzhah and even ordah of da original sheeyat or do you opt for a ‘pick n mix’ higlightz type sheeyat. With a full opera obviouzly da highlightz iz da tradition but with a relatively shortah, “epizode” entity dis queztion iz lezz clear.

My general template for writing parasheeyatz iz:

improvisatory introducksheeyat
first theme (themes are not necessarily presented in the chronological order of the original piece), one or two varz on it
another theme, again varz
bring back a previously presented theme

And parasheeyat techz are da usual zuzpectz: embellish da melody with tremz, octz, scales, double notez, and especially da mandatory clazzik arpz :orgy:

I think that how you manipulate thematic material should be defined by how the individual cumpozah rezpondz to the source material and hiz personal dramatic sense, but I’ll make two obzervationz:

in dis pardickular caze, the “interlude” section should probably, if it is included in da parasheeyat, be presented in a fairly straight, simple manner, rather than being an excuse for bravura figuration.

In three hand texture, ezp arpz, da general layout iz typically

first beat of phraze: lh bazz, rh melody note moving onto ornamentation
othah beatz: lh accumpaniment and melody notez, rh ornamentation

da sheet muzic fo da Thal Mozez makez dis very evident and da :pimp: Norma iz only very slightly different. Imo dis textural device is suited more to slow-moving, bel cunto type melodiez. We see a similar phenomenon in termz of layout towardz da end of da :pimp: TANNED HO and da Thal La traviata, only with alt octz n chordz.


dayum thankz, da zkep vil try diz textah! u iz meanin da firzt wun at 3:33 by ‘interlude’ tru? tiz a bit narratively nebulouz, not zure if to call it a caprice o romanze o wut. in fact da zkep already haff da NORM in mind fo dat build-up into da finale zec wiz da azcendin octz: Gunna do zumthin zimilah az a lead-in fo diz finale zec, even tho in da zcore tiz all tinkly n zound lyk tiz azkin fo zum rigoletto repeatahz.

regardin da othah zheeyat da zkep made a quickly-buried pozt in diz thread. da pozt #18 give da run-down of all dat zheeyat, let moi know vere u vud lyk mo detail on da zkep plan n vil provide fo furthah cuntzideration:


gettin da hung rappah zound fo da zec ztartin at 4:25 (tymztamp to go wiz da rec above in dathread rite here^) wizzout juzt trazhily referencin da HR 2/6/9/11 poze wun of da biggah challengez in mah-bad-zelf path, dat wud be good to haff tipz on.

but tru, zhud moztly think of a fairly ztraight tranny wiz a couple caddiez in da dance of da whorez part, followin da ztructah n vith only very minor cutz occazionally, but wiz lotz of embellizhment a la da trannyhoze/liebeztod inztead of dry ztraight-tranz ztyle. but vil haff a DJ paraphraze feel cuz dere vil be a big rageful intro zection wiz material from othah partz of da opera.

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Looks like you have it well planned!

4.25 in dis vid?

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At 3:56 in dat wun, haz a very hung rappah vibe to moi. do u write in da dominant n zwitch to da hungarian minah, or ztart in da hungarian n zwitch to phyrgian moztly? Wut iz a couple progrezzionz dat iz zure-fire?

zame trick fo da chromatic-ish filigree?

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I’d keep the harmonies the way they are, the passage has quite a lot of character. You could definitely do a very :pimp: texture by expressing the trill passages as alternate octave trills shared between the hands.

zo da thumbz playin an oct trill in da middle voice?

You could do it that way but this is what I had in mind

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ohhhh at da very end, tru da zkep can drop dat zheeyat down 8)

Alzo tru dun wanna change the harmoniez, but vil make da rhythmic accomp/phrazin/ornamentz in da HR ztyle. da harmony already zeem appropriate fo dat, juzt not zure how to fill da harmoniez out to increase HR flavah o wut modez to add da chromatic zheeyat in. probz can juzt impro n fuck around n find it, but if dere iz eazy tricks den vud be uzeful to know

This chaser / me too classic hath a special place in my squishy young brain. Respek


My inclination wud be to take the very last trill and then extend it down an octave or two in clazzik :pimp: ztylee intahlocking chromatic octz as a mini caddy before leading into da slowish ascending arpz (which I might double in the lh, a sixth lower, not sure).

With da hung rappah ztylee sect I’d haff da melodic sheeyatz in 345 of the rh and thicken out the texture with 12 playing a harmonic diad. The harmonies of the original sound fine to me and personally I wouldn’t tamper.


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da zkep found zum material relatin da act 1 diabolic motif n da act 4 prel at 1:56:15 dat haff zum really nice textah. prob gunna clip a bit of diz for tranzitionin frum da prel dulce de faggoto/trem zec to da act 1 prel fury zheeyat

generally da orch ON FIAH fo diz rec, da zkep tymztamped diz in da TUBE commentz a few monthz ago ven he wuz cuntzidahing anothah go at diz. da dance of da whorez in diz rec completely demolizh all da othah wunz

tru da fantazia in a zenze remain wun of da mozt pure cinematic experiencez evah: tiz a diztillate of zound + motion, da very nature of cinema

diz wun da zkep dizagree, defo puttin da melody in da bazz 8)

but pozz vil ztart it dere in zlow-HR ztyle, den move it to da top in tinkle-HR ztyle. da zkep gunna jam a decently thicc caddy toward da end n recap it comin in real heavy n MAEZTOZO, den moztly drop da trill part dat u wuz talkin about. but vil uze yo textah to mini-caddy fo a finizh

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