Da ZURGE TEMPO teach da MALTEMPO how tiz done

tru diz how u do a RANDOM WTF INTERP wiz a different beat every 2 barz + zpazz unleazh whenevah u iz feelin it n ztill make it zound coherently GENSUI: :sunglasses:

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Haha, with every Tchaik 1 just about all I do is listen to the double octz and the interlocking ones at the end @extrememofo :zif:


6.43 The octaves of a God.


HAHAHAHAH da ENDIN intahlockin zheeyatz TRU!!!

TRU da ZIFF alt-octz r zum of da bezt evah but diz iz mo a mattah of rezpecin da zcore :dong:

zince da Tchaik wuz not a penizt he didn really undahztand diz kind of tech n wrote dat part zo every legit SDC MOFO haff to ZL*W DOWN n wait fo da ORCH to catch up az da ZURGETEMPO duz here :zcholah: :sunglasses:

in da RAW double ZPAZZ partz of diz conc, da ZIFF harzhly not quite elite level :ho: :sunglasses:


Yeah it’s funny. Ziff’z double octz are never az zpeedy az you’d expect. His intahlockin octz are zo fazt he haff time to fit in an extra oct (or do his zepp trill :laughing: )


diz clazzik MART trailah zhow da ZUR-TEMPO ZPAZZ ZKILLZ :sunglasses:


n alzo :dong:

Ahaha I remember diz vid!

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listening to tiempo reeeeeeaaaaaaly think he should play liszt paganini 1838s some of the stuff doesn’t make sense without raw super thrusting rapes and i don’t know what you’d call it rubatissimo ; )


Da Ziff a tru old school tech playa actually, wiz a HUGE emphasis on pure fingah tech, leaps, trills n inzane mixed textures…

Basically a “salon” tradition in da finest sense of da word

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For some reason, as overplayed as it is, this is a piece that I almost always enjoy once I’ve started listening to it.

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Me too!