dayum da communizt korea claimz da nuke … index.html

:stop: :stop: :stop:

IMO bad move…even their allies were against it…

take it with a grain of salt. i watched FoxNews early today and da reporter said da north korean leadah used to claim he scored 6 hole-in-one within a day or sheeyat like dat. anyway, i think he made da right move testing da nuke.

Kim Jong Mentally-ill is a sick man.

hAHAHA daim

I just saw a show on tv it said that USA had nukes :open_mouth: omg what is the world-society waiting for!

-da Meph

If we had nukez we could final solve da kiwi dilemma.

hahahh tha NZ genocide ic 8)

Ppl iz abit too paranoid i think. US has more dan 10,000 nukes, following by Russia. I dont really see any shit wrong with da North korean having one of them. Kim jong il is just intimidating for da sake of nothing. technologically speaking, US, EU and asian tigahz iz much more advanced and developed. w/o da help of da aforementioned countries, North korean can’t really survive. we could annihilate da whole country within a second if we wanted. Jap helped them in food supply for many years as well as da south korean (:dong: we dont want them to hit our shit in da future). US has done alot to improve da fragile situation too, negotiating and compromising diplomatically.

But damn, I gotta hate da Kim Jong ill tho. im investing mah money in da stock mkt right now and when da news came out today, North korean sucessfully tested da nuke, da stock mkt negatively responded to da news. 5 mins latah, I realized I lost $4,000 abruptly.

Fuckkk !!!

Daim! Da stock market fell less den 1% on average. Does diz mean you have more dan 400 K$ in stockz?

Da hidden millionairz of da sdc :dong::dong:

hahaha hahhahhhaahaha mah people

The 1% decrease is the set index, computing the value of every stock after the market closed. However, the ups and downs depend on which stock you buy. One of my stocks fall to like 5%.


hahhahaa debit unrealized loss 8)

da hard kritty life 8)

iz okay kritty. my dad blew 20k of mah college fund inveztin in krispy kreme donuts :stop: :stop: :stop:

hahahah da legendary KKD

guezz he didn’t pull out zoon enuff n it got lozt :comme:

haha wtf? he should have diversified. unlezz yo portfolio iz worth heapz, 20k iz too much in one stock imo. da KKD iz randomly new to da Oz.

hahaha you mofoz.


guezz when he bought it? 50 bux per share :stop: :stop:

i bought mah cisco stock afta 9/11 and made hanzome profit :pimp: