Debargue week on Medici … spotlight/

Medici is showing Debargue performances all week culminating in the premiere of the Tout à la musique documentary (made by a classmate of Debague’s from university) and Debargue’s piano trio at Fondation Louis Vuitton on Friday.
I tried to get tickets for that performance but it was sold out.
Can someone try and cap this?
I can’t even watch the stream because I’ve already got plans with the homies.

Yeah I was wondering about that Verbier recital with Messiaen. I didn’t see that listed anywhere else, and thought it might be the one he changed programmes on (to Schubert). I’d love to hear more Messiaen. Not sure he has the touch for it actually, but still

Does Medici broadcast for free without an account needed? I haven’t looked into it.

Oh I see the Messiaen program is gone, they confused it w/ the chamber one.

I think if you watch the broadcast live you don’t need an account but if you wanna replay it you might?
I have no idea, I haven’t really watched much medici for a number of years.

I have an account on medici, so let me know if something’s of interest

The broadcast on Friday.
Debargue doco + concert where his piano trio will be premiered.

apparently the program with the Trio and Schubert sonatas is saved and playing for free now if you open an account.

Awesome, thanks for the info.

I just finished the documentary.
It’s enjoyable even if it doesn’t offer any new insights with the exception of a brief look at his composition process (away from the piano).
He’s an interesting personality; extremely intense, obsessive, passionate about all art.
I just hope he doesn’t burn himself out with all his concertising.

I was a bit disappointed ackshully, tho I did enjoy seeing my name in the credits. Look ma, I’m a celebrity :dong:

I don’t think I’d watch it again but as a one time thing I enjoyed it.
I’m listening to the concert now, trio sounds pretty accessible.
Didn’t really pay attention during the Schubert.

It kills me that they have all these great events at FLV which only holds 250 or so people and so sells out quickly.
YW is playing both Beethoven 1 and 2 towards the end of the month but of course it’s sold out.

What’s the name of the hall she’s playing in? I’d like to look it up.

She’ll also play Chopin’s Andante spianato… … -wang.html

Yes, I missed that she was doing the chopin as well.
Fuck, I’d love to attend attend that concert.

Hold on, she’s going to play in that small hall of just 250? With an orchestra? Really?

Well they say it can hold 350-1000 people depending on configuration, I’m inclined to doubt it personally.
It’s also a chamber orchestra. I’ve seen them perform with Andsnes at Théâtre des Champs-Élysées which doesn’t have a big stage.


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