Debussy - 2nd rate composer?

Tru I don’t actually believe diz, but I haf yet to truly ‘get’ him n find him appealing az a truly firzt rate cumpoza
I enjoy zum recz, zum piecez

zo I need to zample da kreem ov da kropp

bezt recz, bezt workz?

And if u need a bearing ov wut I enjoy from him

da Happy Izland iz ma fav zo far :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :desert_island:

Tru da lack ov rezponzez cuntfirm

2nd rate cumpoza iz tru :sunglasses:

I think Debussy > Ravel

Fave recs? Pretty much all the Depussy dat da :ho: recorded.

No, he is not a second rate composer at all.

From the piano music I would recommend the preludes, images, estampes and the etudes. From the chamber works I would especially recommend the string quartet and the violin sonata. Of the orchestral works I would recommend La Mere and Prelude a l’apres midi d’un faune.

Are there any of these you are not familiar with?

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Violin Sonata is DOPE, I played dat fucker with Maïthéna

Archival rec of the piss poor perf

I’d put Debussy as one of the greatest composers of all time. Top six I reckon.

da MEPH gives good recommendz. I’d recommend da Preludez as a good way in to Deb. da Etudes are equally brilliant, but a little more impenetrable.

I like da old French school Deb: Fevrier, Casadesus, alzo Gieseking n Michelangeli.

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And da Debussy dat CORTOT recorded is top notch

Familiar wiz dem all, actually enjoy Piano Trio and Cello Zonata mo den da chamber workz u mention

But I guezz he iz juz not a cumpoza I particularly click wiz

Incredibly important to find da right recz fo me

When I lizten to Michelangeli I fo zhor appreciate more

da LIB iz actually quite gud in diz

I’d have trouble picking 70 mins of Debussy for an album tho

Maybe all da Etudes (45 mins) plus Estampes (15) and da Afternoon Fuck Prelude solo tranny (10)

I don’t know, but I suspect Debussy would have been surprised at the idea of a full recital or album of his pieces. As a predominantly short-form composer, I think he would have preferred his pieces to be given in groups in a prog wiz othah composers.

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Haha everything is a “complete set” these days anyway.


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