DEBUSSY: Suite Bergamasque... recording advice+request pozz


i gotta play some Debussy for a comp. I need to fill like 15 mins so i need a rather large stuff. I dont feel like playing another ImagesI (i dont feel like doing II).

Any rec recomendations? im quite delighted with the Kapell one available in youtube, same with Ciccolini vid and the one by Arrau…

btw if you think i should NOT be playing this stuff, you could also let me see your arguments :blush:

grab the fiorentino one I posted a few weeks ago.

DUH!!! i have it already, but i completely forgot about… im listening now… such a beautiful tone!

Do some preludes - I iz learning 4 atm, but time it to whatever you need.
L’isle joyeuse and masques.
There’s heaps of early stuff (if you like it) - the danse is a fun piece.

Weissenberg has a nice recording, I´m going to look for it and upload.

do children’s corner.

I agree with Mikey on the preludes. My opinion is that you can pick a selection based on the rest of your programme as well - whether you may need more light stuff, or more weighty works, or even a tonal contrast.