he is recording some chopets…for me!!! hahahahahhaha thanks bro!!!

now I will have to stop da Lhevinne winterwind to listen to diz broda, den I am gonna go practice, respec!



but dun stop da Lhevinne winterwind, tiz da best rec evah

I will go practice now, to record da etudez for you.

B.T.W if da recordings iz sheyeat, I won’t post dem


lol ok…u shud’ve known better and kept ur fingers in shape, u fuckah!!!

dun slack off…

hahaha, all mah improvs sound like mah fingerz iz in shape, but tiz not tru.

dey iz not in gud enuff shape foh da chpetz.

but, still, I did 1 hour of scales, time to move on to da octz.

see u soon, with da chopetz recz. (hopefully)