dere are almost 2000 SDC registered users

granted, at least 150 are mah0bad-zelf, but, where da fuck iz everyone?


get yo cockz back on da forum TRU

:lib: :doc: :comme: :rectum: :ziff: :dong: :rudy: :ho: :whale: :chop: :kan: :brotha: :pimp: :rock: :stop: :gav: :wood: :zhreddah: :orgy: :jacko: :gold: :hatto: :stuck_out_tongue: :approved: :shrimp: :fury: :fury: :fury: :fury: :bar:

Someone contact da comme and mart for starters.
Comme’s been MIA was like 6-7 years +?

:tm: scared most of them away, it seems


da trump iz finally at 100 posts me zees. :stop:

No chick has survived on da sdc more than a couple of months. :comme:

hahaha, a few of those “chicks” were TRUMOFO accunts 8)

Haha I always did admire your persistence.
You must have a billion email addresses too.

Yeah, all on

sheeyat, too bad I got off on the wrong foot here, back in da day, da Trumofo was truly a rabid chimp on da Net.

I still enjoy leaving flat earth comments on YouTube cooking vids 8)