dickless kapustin

tru, Valeria Vetruccio, dno bout how she plays other rep, but this is damn good imo. very percussive, but it works, notice how she plays with her legs crossed too.

Really good; especially considering the rubbish action of the piano.

This is proper Kapustin playing. The pulse is fantastic.

PS: andalaro plays like these pieces like shit.

Agreed. This is wonderful playing.

yeah no kidding, I find it hard to believe how much of a fool he makes out of himself playing like that. Has anyone here actually played any of the Kapustin etudes? IMO they’re fucking hard to read, really difficult patterns to learn, all feels too ‘improvised’ to actually study. Perhaps they’re still above my level.

haha tru a dicked legend cudnt pozz play legz crozzd :dong:

tru, but I randomly don’t like rasputin.

I find it hard to believe that’s even real (I saw it before) :open_mouth:

Daim. Really quite impressive.

yeah ive tried the op40 etudes (1 and 3, those andalolro destroyed), and one of the preludes&fugues. its so ridiculously hard to get the flavour right because after practice, the improvised jazzy feel dies out…imo of course